MONIES Jewelry


We are proud and delighted to announce that MONIES won the prestigious prize as "Dansk Fashion Award 2010". 

Artistic considèration of composition, color and matèrial is the foundation of every MONIES piece.


The best raw materials are used and sublimely refined by craftsmen before carefully chosen pieces are assembled into Unique Jewelry.


Gerda & Nikolai MONIES use the bone bleached and cut in beautiful shapes, the horn (brown & black), the stone, the wood, the amber, the gold and silver, the tortoiseshell and the Mother Of Pearl (MOP). These materials are used for their warm and light, which can add a dramatic effect to jewelry.

They use all kinds of wood, Palmwood, Kamagong, but they tend to use Ebony the most. Tt’s very hard and heavy, but it has a unique glow, which can be recognised in much of their Jewelry. 

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